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                    $70 a month for 12 Boxing 202 Program and 40 Boxing 101

                 $50 a month for gym - FULL access to equipment and facilities

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    Boxing 101 Classes 7 days a week - Youth Boxing Program 6 days a week


Club Hours: 
Monday - Thursday 
Noon - 8pm 
Friday: Noon 7pm 
Saturday: 9am - 2pm 
Sunday: 9am - Noon

Classes 7 days a week

         Home of the   
University of Chicago             Boxing Team 
Home of the De La Salle Boxing Team 
Adult Class - Youth Program - MMA - Amateur - Professional - Open Sparring 
ESPN Friday Night Fights will feature Body Shot Boxing Club's very own - Jose Felix Quezada and Jaime "Super Fly" Sandoval.  The fights are this Friday, July 25th at UIC Pavilion. You can get ticket at ticket master or Body Shot Boxing Club - Thank you for your continued support. See you at the fights! 
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Stop in for a FREE class tomorrow Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm. Please come 10 minutes before class. 

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Professional Mitt Work

Do you need to work on your skills? Sharpen up?  Personal mitt work is now available. 5 rounds for $20. Please call 312 888 9122 to make a appointment with Coach Ramos or Coach Bravo.  

"I am a big believer in mitt work. I think anyone who does boxing as a workout should does mitts every other day. It is very important to stay sharp." - Ramos
Ticket now on sale!!

Come out to support 2 of Body Shot Boxing Team members Jose Felix Quezada and Jimmy "Super Fly" Sandoval as they compete on ESPN Friday Night FIghts. The fights will be held at UIC Pavilion, July 25th at 7pm.  Ticket are on sale at Body Shot Boxing Club.  Prices for tickets are as follows $31, $51, $101 and $151

Female Fighters compete in National Tournament

Body Shot Boxing Club's female fighters and Gloden Glove Champions Vickie Williams (119 open) and Jessica Mccaskill (141 open) will travel to Florida this week to compete in the 2014 National Boxing Tournament. Best of luck to team and Coaches Ramos and Bravo.


Parents - Parents - Parents - Parents 

Keep your kids off the street and in the Boxing gym. Youth Boxing Program is 6 days a week. Our program competes in the all go the Chicagoland tournaments and is rapidly growing. 

Body Shot Boxing Club has 1 "City Wide" Champ, 1 Junior Olympic Winner, 3 Golden Glove winner and 2 National Team members. 

"We are serious about our Youth Program. I am very proud of our team and what they have accomplished this year! We are not only a TEAM but a FAMILY" - Rick Ramos
Body Shot Boxing Club Family Plan
Boxing 101 Membership $65 - Immediate Family Members

- One Parent $65 
- One Parent +1 (-$5)
- One Parent +2 (-$10)
- One Parent +3 (-$15)

Note: ALL family members must be enrolled to get the discount. (ALL inanition fees are waived) 
               The Body Shot Boxing Staff!
2014 Body Shot Boxing Club News:

Congratulations to the Body Shot Boxing Team for having 5 people (4 girls) in the Golden Glove finals - 3 winners and 1 "Best Boxer of the Tournament!"

Scott Gecas 156lbs Master - WINNER 
Charise Horn 178lbs Sr. Novice
Jessica Mccaskill 141lbs Open - WINNER 
Elsa Rodriguez 141lbs Sr. Novice
Vickie Williams 119lb Open - WINNER and Best Boxer award!

Youth Boxing update: Body Shot Boxing Club had it's first "City Wide" winner and Junior Olympic Gold medalist. - Daniel Estrada (13 yrs old) 

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Adult Boxing Classes - Youth Program - MMA - Amatuer Boxing
Meet Bobbie Chappa:

Bobbie is a member of our Boxing 101/202 programs for the last 8 months.   She has lost 25lbs. Chappa plans to make her amateur debut this summer! Congratulations to Bobbie and her hard work. 

Boxing 101 is 7 days a week - Come in today for a FREE class
Adult Boxing Classes - Youth Program - MMA - Amatuer Boxing
Body Shot Boxing Club plays host to the OFFICIAL WEIGH IN for the Golden Boy Promotions and 8 Count Productions boxing show. 

"This was definitely a statement. I want my fighters to be part of big shows and big events. It was an honor to have some of the biggest names in boxing at our club. I have lots planned in the future." - RIck Ramos 

Congratulations to Team Quezada on a 4th round TKO - Quezada now moves to 2 -0 (2ko's) 

In attendance: Ronnie Shields, Danny Garcia, Joe "Hoss" Janik, Marcus Watson, Jose Felix Quezada.

Watch a short film about how the night(s) go down! Enjoy!