Coach Rick Ramos is the owner and operator of Body Shot Boxing Club. Ramos has over 20 years experience. Ramos has worked with some of Chicago's best talent in boxing. Ramos is a Boxing Gym Owner, Boxing Manager, Advisor and Boxing Coach. 

Ramos has worked with 2012 Olympian: Shawn Simpson, Amatuer standout: Jose Felix Quezada and World Title Challenger: Adrian Granados. 

Ramos is known for his influence on the Chicago Boxing Scene.... he has turned the career around of Frankie Scalise, making Scalise the biggest ticket seller in Chicago. 

Ramos has also gone against the norm by signing HARD punching female fighter Jessica "Caskilla" McCaskill.  Under Ramos, McCaskill has become the 1st female (ever) to sign to Warriors Boxing Promtions and the 1st female (ever) to HEADLINE a boxing event in Chicago.  

Ramos has compiled a coaching record of 179-67-2 and a managing record of 43-5-2 . Ramos plans to bring new and exciting ideas to the Chicago Boxing Scene. 

"I only work with the fighters that are willing to listen to everything I bring to the table. I dont just coach fighters. I dont just manager fighters. I try to do a little of it all!" - RR 

Coach Ramos' coaching hours; 
Monday - Thursday 4:30 - 7:30pm and Saturday 9am - Noon